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Technical Services

A team of highly qualified professionals provides us with the capability to  offer our wide knowledge of the industry to our clients in order to resolve specific problems in the process or field.

General Areas of Expertice
  •  Sugar Engineering - Sugar Technology - Process Technology
  •  Consulting Services on sugar related technical Projects
  •  Process  Control Systems - Instrumentation - Analytical Control
  •  Energy Efficiency - Waste reduction - Pollution Control
  •  Beet Yard Systems - Soil Mud High Dewatering Methods
  •  Performance Trials and Commissioning of Equipments/Stations
  •  Study of problems at customer´s factory site and suggest              ways and means for improvement
  •  Manufacturing capabilities for selected key Equipment

  •  Specific Areas of Expertice
  •  Modern Juice Purification System for Beet Factories
  •  New Dual Processing of Raw Sugar Refining for existing                     Beet Sugar Factories
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