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SugarXperts © is a group of sugar engineers and technologists based in Hagen, Germany. After years of sugar technology related work and final engagement at a well known german Equipment Manufacturing Co., our senior partners began in 2007 after retirement, with independent engineering activities.
Since then our group have evolved into a busy, flexible and modern engineering partnership. With broad expertise in main fields of sugar production we are able to carry out large projects for beet sugar factories and raw sugar refineries.
Recently we have participated and succesfully contributed to sugar projects in Germany, Poland, Holland and in Balkan countries.
Our Senior Partners:
Dipl.-Ing. Leopold Briones
Chilean born, Chemistry B.Sc. Degree in 1966 at the Technical University.
Labor Chief at Iansa, Los Angeles Beet Sugar Factory till 1969.  Sugar Technology Degree at Berlin Technical University in 1974.
Project Ass. at  Buckau Wolf in Grevenbroich (G) until 1984.
Senior Project Engineer at Putsch Co. in Hagen (G) until 2006.
Broad experience gained through projecting and comissioning sugar
plants around the world. Several sugar patents.
    Dipl.-Ing. Walter Muecke
Native of Breslau, Schlesien, worked from early days in sugar factories, first as an apprentice. Later after obtaining a University degree as a
Sugar Technologist, he served at Refinery Halle as Production Manager. Years later changed
to the Sugar lnstitut Halle as Technology Dept.
Head. After the german reunification he joined Putsch Co. in Hagen as
a Process Dept. Head until his retirement in 2005. Also broad experience
in Juice Purification, Filtration and Raw Sugar Refining.                                                                                                                                                      next page
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